Issue 16                                        Nov-Dec 2019


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I would like to present for your consideration...

10 Secrets of the Spiritual Warrior

1) Start and Never Stop. Due to the innate nature of the Spiritual Warrior, quitting is not an option. We strive to fight the good fight with internal conviction and merge with the Spirit of the Divine, the God-Mind. Personal evolution is the prize.

2) Never Succumb to Doubts and Fears. We all have them in some measure. They are the boogie men of the mind. They will torture us if we allow it. They will deride our enthusiasm and weaken our efforts. Warriors will overcome the boogies. 

3) Walk your Talk. Honor yourself, your path and your process. That means, be true to your goal, aka, mission. If we do not live our beliefs and aspirations, we cannot assimilate them. The ‘Talk’ is the philosophy and belief we espouse, the ‘Walk’ is how we implement it in our lives.  

It is surprising how many people walk opposite of their talk. No one is perfect, yet integrity is required to stay on course.  

4) Don’t Expect Perfection. We surely will have expectations, and we surely will be let down if we expect things to be perfect according to how we think. 

As is said of the world, it’s perfectly imperfect. It is perfectly designed for the purpose of soul growth and evolution. Yet cannot be perfect on our personal terms otherwise there’d be no reason to aspire, reach, strive and grow. 

Like beauty, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t become fixated on the illusion of perfection, instead, strive to perfect the self’s relationship with the Divine, then all else follows.  

5) Forgiveness is the Key to Freedom.  Nothing weighs so heavily on us as the inability to forgive ourselves and others. It can also be the hardest thing to do. We don’t want to forgive hurts, betrayals and other acts against us because it seems like ‘they’ are getting away with it. 

If we don’t “Let go and let God”, aka, release the perps to their own karma, we keep ourselves bound to them through resentment, anger and even hate. And if we bury these negative emotions, they will fester within us and pollute our entire system. 

“Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s”(Matthew 22:21), even if it feels unjust. 

Holding onto mistakes or actions of ourselves or others keeps us stuck in negative mental and emotional states and creates a belief of victimhood and/or self-loathing.  

The Spiritual Warrior knows there is no advancement without forgiveness. Claim the key of freedom! Let go of ties that bind.

6) Trust in Your Process. Sometimes we may feel we are up against a brick wall or fighting an insurmountable obstacle. Or maybe have simply gotten off track. Recognize these ARE part of your process and have purpose. 

That purpose will be revealed to you at some point as an important piece of the puzzle. No matter what comes your way, trust in your ability to address it, or conquer it appropriately. Remind yourself that every part of your journey is vital to your process and is timely. 

7) Live by Faith, Not by Sight. Spiritual Warriors have faith like no others! Even when we encounter problems – we have faith in our convictions. When things go awry, we recognize that we have to forge ahead toward our goals and not be sideswiped by unexpected events. 

We know this world is transient and illusory and we can’t always believe what we see. But we can know where we are going and what we need to do to get there.  

We never forget we are loved, aided and guided. And if we are rerouted, we know it is timely and in order because we live by faith, not by appearances. 

8) Connect Often. As we go about the busyness of our days, we pause many times to connect with our spiritual allies. This helps bring balance and calm as well as refreshment and regeneration to our activities, minds, hearts and bodies. 

Connecting opens a channel to receive inspiration and guidance. It opens the floodgate for love and compassion and gives us a sense of wellbeing. Think of it as recharging your battery. 

9) Emotional Control. Emotions are important because they enable us to develop deep bonds and experience great pleasures. But like rowdy children, they must be tamed and kept in check. They cannot be allowed to rule.  

Emotions aren’t ruled by reason, nor tempered by logic. If allowed to run rampant and unchecked, they can cause a host of problems in life and relations. They can rage through us like a flood and cause blindness, pain and destruction. 

We let our emotions make themselves known, have their say and run through us, but we question them, evaluate them and attempt to put them in their place. We use them to reveal hidden issues and try to mold them to work for goodness and growth. But they are the worst at making decisions! Don’t let them rule, rule over them. 

10) Live in Right Relationship i.e., Live and Let Live. Honor the independence and capabilities of others. Each of us are our own Master. It is unethical to mistreat, misinform, manipulate or force others to bend to your will.  

We shouldn’t be personally offended or angry if someone disagrees with us or doesn’t like us. It shows who they are not who we are. Don’t worry or fret about unkind statements or actions directed towards you. Let them bounce off your armor. 

Maintaining right relationship is about you and your path. It is the way of the wise. Have compassion, not sorrow. Express love, not hate. Apply forgiveness, not vengeance. Give respect, not condemnation. Promote peace, not turmoil. Have humility, not arrogance. Be a help, not a hindrance... 

We have to learn to release others from our expectations. We have no jurisdiction over their choices. Our own choices are our gifts to the world, they are the legacy we leave behind. Our task is to maintain composure, seek internal balance and represent right relations. 

Right relationship includes how we treat the Earth and all its inhabitants. 

Whatever we do is added unto!  

Wishing U Happy Holy Days

P.S. I will flesh those out more in future writings for those interested.

Although this is a double issue, something else may pop up before the end of the year. And WOW did 2019 fly by!

Thank you for your kind patronage; until we meet again...

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of Deep Soul. As always, I welcome your feedback. And I love to hear from you!

Til next time - I wish you well!


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