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Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of the Harvest Season for us in the Northern Hemisphere, while those in the Southern Hemisphere are  enjoying their Spring Equinox.

The Equinoxes are known as the times of equal day and equal night, specifically at the equator as the sun's rays pass directly over the celestial equator.

Also called the Fall or September Equinox, it signifies the increase of shorter days and longer nights until the longest night of the year arrives at the Winter Solstice. As the first day of fall, it is one of the four major cycles of this beautiful planet.

The Autumn Equinox begins when the sun enters Libra.

Libra represents balance, fairness and weighing things out. This energetic influence is a perfect accompaniment to the autumn harvest season.

Four of WandsEquinox Celebration of the Harvest

Many customs and traditions are celebrated worldwide from harvest feasts and festivals to spiritual ceremonies and personal reflection. These continue throughout the autumn season, culminating at the Thanksgiving Holiday (in the U.S.)

Traditionally, preparations are made for winter and times of scarcity. Hunting and the harvesting of wild and cultivated crops is highlighted. Foods and other goods are processed and preserved for the coming dormant season. Ciders and wines are made. Gardens are prepared for the next plantings.

It's the time of taking inventory of what one has, expressing gratitude and sharing the bounty with others. Keep what you need for your family and community, then give the surplus away.

The Spirituality of the Autumn Equinox

The "veil between the worlds" is believed to be at its thinnest this time of year, especially at dusk and dawn, while being the very thinnest at All Hallow"s Eve or Halloween.

It is a time of remembering those who have come and gone in our lives, both through separation and physical death. Also a time to honor our ancestors and others who have contributed to the betterment of our world.

A Sacred time. A time to bless and release what is no longer needed. Time to unburden ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally by letting go of useless and problematic habits, attitudes, emotions or old goals that have lost their luster.

As the Native Wise Ones say, "If it don't grow corn, it is not needed." If something doesn't provide for the needs of the people, it is unnecessary. Those things we carry that are not necessary to our growth, nourishment or well-being, become burdens. They drag us down and create roadblocks to our health and happiness. This is the time to let them go.

Autumn represents the West of the Medicine Wheel of Life. It is the place of deep contemplation, the bridge between adulthood and Elderhood. Called, the Cave of the Bear, the place of introspection, healing and regeneration.

This phase is when we evaluate our life's journey, mission, mistakes and accomplishments. The past is reconciled and released to make clear the way for new dreams to emerge. New goals, projects and adventures are formulated.

Meditation and vision seeking are enhanced. Balance is the key. Temper desires with needs, faith with caution, opportunities with commitments. Don't give too much, nor accept too little. Allot time for every important facet of life.

Emerge from the cave of contemplation with the freedom that comes from completion, a refreshed attitude and a happy heart!

 Activities Favored by the Autumn Equinox

  • introspection
  • releasing
  • communion
  • sharing
  • gratitude
  • storing
  • fortifying
  • unburdening
  • new beginnings
  • new freedoms
  • new commitments
  • plant for spring growth
  • changing habits
  • self-discovery
  • meditation
  • transitions
  • renewing
  • remembrance
  • death and rebirth
  • reconciliation
  • celebration
  • revelation
  • balance
  • forgiveness
  • dream-seeding
  • making herbal medicines
  • clearing and fertilizing garden areas


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