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Divine Design

The concept of a Greater plan for life than what we are aware of is called the Divine Design or the Master Plan. It is a blueprint for the possibilities of experience.

We know there is an order to life that makes everything work perfectly together. We call it Divine Order. The most evident is the ecosystem. The cycles of conception, gestation, birth, life span and death are a complete circle. Although it seems harsh and fleeting, it really is a drop in the bucket in the life of a spirit. It is also a perfect design.

We cannot keep everyone in the world if more are continually being born. Once humans can indefinitely prolong their physical lives, they will have to colonize other planets. And they will! There already are plans to restore Mars' atmosphere to make it habitable for humans. There are ideas to inhabit the moon and the sea.

The discoveries of longevity will coincide with the availability of livable space. THAT's what Divine design and order are all about. The design is there, waiting to be fulfilled. There is a supply for every demand. "Before you called, I have answered." There are no problems, only solutions. The solution awaits our seeking and is achieved through our action.

The gift of free will allows our spirits to make choices about our experiences. We choose our forms, relationships, challenges and the arenas (planes, worlds & universes) that we dwell within. We are multidimensional so we exist in many places at once.

This may seem fantastical to some, but not in the light of the knowledge that All of creation exists in the unlimited Mind of God. How can a species place limits on the Great Mystery even if it thinks itself SO smart?? Without Creator, we're just dust that fades away.

As our freedom is designed by the Most High, so are our lives designed by our spiritual selves, or Higher Selves. Our spirits have desires and intentions for our lives. Our births are not accidental. Neither are our families, friends and environmental circumstances. Agreements are made with each other as to the relations we will have "on Earth".

There is a self-imposed pre-design for us as individuals. The groundwork is laid before birth. This blueprint is our guide. We plan certain influencing factors to lead us in one direction or another. Even so, the 'new' aspects of us utilizes free will. This is our personality that is formed from our inner self, our environment and the developing conscious/subconscious mind. We are essentially "growing" a new aspect of ourselves, a new persona which draws from our "other selves" (the other personas of our spirit.) This is how we learn and develop. Every life adds to our repertoire of knowledge and experience.

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Like a child, we want many things that catch our fancy. They may not always be what's best for our plan or intentions. Our parent self may allow us to get into trouble for the learning and the experience of consequences. That's the product of free will!

Our best interests are served by allowing Divine will to guide us. We cannot always see what we truly need, we just see what we want. Taking what we want just because we can is a mark of immaturity.

I had a friend say to me, "What if what God wants for me is different than what I want?" My reply was and is, 'What Creator wants for us is vastly more wonderful and fulfilling than what we could imagine for ourselves.' Can we even dream that big? We will be led into joy that we've never imagined. We often don't know what we want until we get it.

If we want to be truly blessed and happy - we will allow Divine Will to intervene in our goals and desires. Leave room for the design for your life to unfold while pursuing your dreams. Ask for guidance. It will come in flashes of inspiration, gut feelings and chance encounters - to lead you to your heart's desire! "Ask and ye shall receive."

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